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Visit in class or group

Are you planning to visit Prague or the Lennon Wall with your class or another group? Would you like your students to take more than just a selfie away from the visit? Visit us for an excursion about the Lennon Wall history and symbolic significance – a few steps from the Wall itself, the museum’s founder will teach you about the history of this iconic place.

The Lennon Wall is a beautiful symbol of youth resistance to socialism in Czechoslovakia after 1980, and the excursion can therefore provide students with a comprehensive view of its history in a broader socio-cultural context. A visit to The Lennon Wall Story is therefore suitable as a supplement to history lessons or history seminars, but it also has overlap with music education or English as the excursion can be done in English language.

For whom is the visit ideal?

Good age of students/group members is more than 13 years, so that they already find the museum’s content interesting enough to understand the context. One group can include up to 34 people

When can the excursion take place?

By appointment, excursions can be booked for any day of the week, morning or afternoon (3pm at the latest).

What does the excursion include?

  • A screening of a 30-minute documentary movie on the history of the Lennon Wall and the influence of John Lennon’s personality in our country (Czech or English version with subtitles
  • Guided tour of the exhibits related to the Lennon Wall (also available in English or French)
  • Interactive work with prepared worksheets adapted individually for the group (according to age, subject focus, etc.),
  • Space for questions and comments.

How long is it and where?

The duration of one excursion is about 60 minutes and it takes place in the premises of the Napa Bar in Mala Strana at Prokopská 8, Prague 1, 200 m from the Wall itself.

How much does it cost?

The fixed price for the excursion for one group (up to 35 people) is 1500 CZK.

If you are interested in a field trip, please email us at info@thelennonwallstory.com or call 775 142 647.

We look forward to seeing you and your class or group!


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